La Tomatina – Spanish Tomato Festival

La Tomatina – Spanish Tomato Festival

The Spanish culture is directly reflected in the culture found in the southern country of Spain, in Europe. If you ever heared of food fighting events, check out this famous Spanish festival for your next party travel tour to the place where red tomatoes cover the sun in Europe.

Spain Party Travel to La Tomatina festival every year in August

This is the La Tomatina, the biggest tomato throwing festival in the world. Celebrated in a small town called Bunol in Spain. Party people come together every year and celebrate while throwing tomatoes on each other. Spanish emotions and participants having a big tomato-red fun party. What looks like red paper pieces, are juice red tomatoe pieces, throughwing through the air like fireworks in the streets of a Spanish town. Tourists enjoy this crazy tomatoe party every year from new to celebrate red days of the tomatoe festival, called La Tomatina.

Tomato Rain

It is practically raining tomatoes all over the streets and sidewalks. Better do not wear your best white shirt for this event. Tomato fireworks all over the town and people travelling from far places cannot believe what is happening here within this time of the year in such a beautiful Spanish town like this. People celebrating the tomato, led by music trucks to dancing atmosphere of tourists and party crowed.

Spanish Festival Culture

Sharing happiness and emotions driven by tomato energy leads to relaxed atmosphere and smiling participants. Finally, all ends in an ocean of red tomatoe soup. Celebrating with food, drinks and mostly tomatoes, La Tomatina is known as the Tomato Party of the world. This event is unique on this globe and only found in Spain during the local tomato celebration festival.

La Tomatina Travel

After a fulfulling tomato rain follows a full body tomato bath. Travelling to this event is best in a group tour with friends to enjoy this festival to the fullest. And, you really should not wear your best white shirts when travelling to this Spanish festival. Covered by red tomato soup, tourists and travellers celebrate these festival days together until the water canons mark the official ending of the event days.