Sala Silver Mine - Weird Hotel

Sala Silver Mine – Weird Hotel

In most of the better hotels best rooms are located on the top floor so the guests can enjoy the view, and at Sala Silver Mine guests go in Sweden – 155 meters underground…

In the Vastmanland County in Sweden is one of the strangest hotels in the world – Hotel Sala Silver Mine. The hotel’s rooms are located below the earth’s surface and some of them can be reached only by elevator located in the former silver mining. The rooms in Sala Silver Mine that are 155 meters deep in the ground lift can be reached in a few seconds.

But this pleasure should be set aside and a lot of money. The night in this hotel is about 400 €, and for that price, guests enjoy luxurious beds, silverware and champagne. Rooms are decorated with a minimalist, there a total of 14 and in them there is no mobile phone signals, the outside world can only communicate via intercom.

Sala Silver Mine hotel for an unusual experience

The temperature in the window falls down to two degrees Celsius, but the rooms are located in a little warmer air pocket where the temperature is around 18 degrees more pleasant. Sala Silver Mine hotel is very popular so during the year mainly filled weekends.

Nowhere in the world you can not find a similar hotel, especially this far into the country. People might think its cold in the mine, but Sala Silver Mine hotel is located in warmer corridors where the temperature is about 18 degrees. You will have large chandeliers and lamps illuminate the room and the walls because they have a silvery reflection. Sala Silver Mine hotel is one of the most unusual in the world and the environment unlike other not artificial but real. It is a hotel that you need to visit once in your life.