Social Welfare Corporation Genki Mura

Open Campus

Kanto Welfare College organized a free trial lesson in the following schedules. You will experience a mock lesson of various genres together with our current students.
Please feel free to join us along with your Parents/Guardians and Friends.

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Free Trial Class Time Schedule

Time Content
9:30~10:00 Registration
10:00~10:30 School Introduction
10:30~11:00 School Tour
11:00~12:00 Mock Lesson
12:00~13:00 Meet up with Current Students,
Career Counseling

School Introduction
Will explain the details about School Admission, Curriculum, Tuition fee, School Life and other School assistance.

School tour
Current students will guide you to every corner of the school. There is also a variety and unique welfare equipment inside the school that may be able to surprise you.

Simulated Mock Lesson/Facility Tour
In the mock class, every time has a different fun lesson, you can learn new discoveries. The facility tour is lead by our current students you can also have the chance to hear their story. Please make a reservation, to verify the contents because sometimes it varies.

Meet-Up with Current Students
You can make various consultations while eating lunch, together with the teachers and current students.

Career Counseling
In order to firmly convince in choosing our school, such as what you want to know more, please don’t hesitate, feel free to contact us.

Since School Facility tours are accepted at any time,
Please make your reservation via Telephone.