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Mural Summer Finland

A Mural of Summer in Finland

The Turku archipelago preserves Nordic traditions, startling healthy beauty and some disturbing memories. Out in a brackish waters of a Baltic Sea lies a little island of Stenskär – Stone Island – named for a slab stone on a summit, left behind by a vacating glacier in a final ice age. The island is kidney-shaped

Italy's Tranquil

At Assent in Puglia, Italy’s Tranquil, Normal Idyll

In Jul 2010, after a quite heated auction season, and in obligatory need of a break, we followed a idea of a crony and packaged my bags for 5 days in a superb siege of Masseria Torre Coccaro, that is still my favourite, and that has become, since that brief stint, a family’s finish of

Beyond Vines Barossa Valley

Beyond A Vines in Barossa Valley

Around 70km north of Adelaide lies one of Australia’s oldest booze districts. In a Barossa Valley, rows of palatable emerald vines widen into a distance, lapping opposite a bottom of rolling golden hills. Charming bluestone cottages and sandstone bungalows cocktail out of a immature like pleasant islands, and depending on a deteriorate we competence pass

Ultimate Guide Female Traveller

The Ultimate Guide For Female Traveller!

Have you decided? It’s amazing now that you have to know a few things and go crazy. I will list the most important and practical things for you so that you can make the best experience of your trip. Here are a few, which I think you need to know while traveling to Wisata Pantai

Summer Vacation India

Top 5 Destinations For a Summer Vacation in India

You hear kids playing outside, birds chirping in the mornings, the sun is shining bright and you know summers has arrived, and this makes you want to pack your bags for that longing holiday, you were waiting all around the year. I know, some of you want to go some place that’s s not very

Pamukkale - Natural Breathtaking Miracle

Pamukkale – Natural Breathtaking Miracle

Pamukkale is a remarkable place in Turkey and breathtaking, at first sight. How to describe this gorgeous wonder of nature, water paradise unlike that magical place that takes your breath on it and you’ll have a long talk. They are thermal baths with plenty of natural water springs. Water, which has for centuries been running

Sala Silver Mine - Weird Hotel

Sala Silver Mine – Weird Hotel

In most of the better hotels best rooms are located on the top floor so the guests can enjoy the view, and at Sala Silver Mine guests go in Sweden – 155 meters underground… In the Vastmanland County in Sweden is one of the strangest hotels in the world – Hotel Sala Silver Mine. The

Netherlands - Gently Beautiful Country

Netherlands – Gently Beautiful Country

The Netherlands is a country of tulips, clogs, beer, cheese, windmills, diamonds, castles, country of tolerance and perfection … This is the most densely populated part of the continent, this is a part of Europe that simply must be seen and experienced. The Netherlands is a country in Western Europe and with Belgium and Luxembourg

Marieta Islands - Hidden Beach

Marieta Islands – Hidden Beach

Marieta Islands archipelago is located near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Hidden magical place of Marieta Islands is one incredible unique beach. It is believed that the island was created centuries ago due to volcanic activity in the area. By this sand magical place you have to go through the long tunnel about 25 meters, which

Largest States In The World - Check This List

Largest States In The World – Check This List

After the list of the Smallest States here’s the list of the Largest States in the world by area. 1. Russia Russia is the first country on the list of the Largest States in the world (occupies about 11.5% of terrestrial land) by population occupies only 8th place as the most sparsely populated state territory.

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