Pamukkale - Natural Breathtaking Miracle

Pamukkale – Natural Breathtaking Miracle

Pamukkale is a remarkable place in Turkey and breathtaking, at first sight. How to describe this gorgeous wonder of nature, water paradise unlike that magical place that takes your breath on it and you’ll have a long talk. They are thermal baths with plenty of natural water springs. Water, which has for centuries been running over the edge of the plateau, on its way deposited salt from which they are formed stalactites, craters and basins.

Pamukkale, that is taken from Turkish “mansion of silk”, and are consists of a series of white, shallow terraced swimming pools that are one above the other in the form of stalactites descend from a height, filled with mineral water sky blue color. Pamukkale visited by tourists from all over the world because it is a real tourist miracle, the pearl of Turkey.

Pamukkale in Turkey are due to frequent earthquakes in the area formed a wonder of nature and located in the southwest of the country, near the town Denizli, in the valley of the River Menderes. They consist of 17 sources of water come to the surface of heat between 35 and 100 degrees Celsius. Terraces, which look like small pools are lowering one below the other in the length of 7 meters. The pools, where people swim for thousands of years, are forbidden to enter with shoes, in order to minimize surface dirty or possibly damaged.

Today, for the needs of the rapidly growing tourism specially designed artificial pools with thermal water. On top of this white castle was the ancient city of Hierapolis period, it still find numerous remains of Roman buildings, monuments, and remnants of spas. Pamukkale in Turkey in 1988 came under the protection of UNESCO-a.

Pamukkale is remarkable and breathtaking place

It has been scientifically proven that Pamukkale water has medicinal properties that can help with various diseases. However, local people tell a legend, which, they believe that it can also make beautiful. Once upon a time here had lived a young girl who was so ugly that no one wanted to marry her. Therefore, the girl decided to end his life, making itself the tip.

Then she embraced travertine and fell directly created by the natural swimming pool, but remained alive. Water turned the girl into a real beauty, and catching his own Denizli prince who madly in love with him. Already very soon they will also happily married. Therefore, a visit to Pamukkale in Turkey, it would certainly sin not try it for themselves, to see if the legend is true.